Woah. Slow Down there 2018.

In the last month, my friends from high school visited with their kids, my grad school friend Christine visited from the Bahamas, our friends Gayle and Felix visited, my parents visited, and Patrick went on an out of town trip. We took in two shows, one at the Kennedy Center, and Robin Hood at Imagination Stage. Soccer started up again, with Seamus’s team bumped up a division. It’s good, because it means they’re playing (much) better teams, but it also means they have to work a lot harder in each game. I joined a book club for the first time ever. Our first book is The Power. I’m looking forward to the social time, but Patrick made me practice saying “No” to hosting.

We did STEAM day at school, which was fun for the kids and me, especially on a day when Patrick was out of town.

Trying to get the ping pong ball to move.

Seamus and Gilbert were pretty self sufficient at the event. They liked the stomp rockets, and build a boat, and the catapult. Porter and Harlan were able to do a lot as well.

See how many pennies will stay in your boat before it sinks.

The weather has been pretty cold and wet, but we’ve made a valiant effort to get out every time it’s nice outside. We made it to the zoo with Felix recently. The kids really liked the pandas.

Turtle Island

I also finally read a book for fun. Young Jane Young was a lot of fun–interesting story, good narrators, and quick pacing. We’ve been expanding our food reportoires. Seamus now likes falafel, and Porter and Gilbert will eat pita with just yogurt sauce. I’m thinking Breakfast for dinner tonight!

Happy almost May!


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