I’m in Pittsburgh for the NEH summer faculty institute on Afro-Latinx and Afro-Latin American Transnational Dialogues. It’s fascinating, career changing, and I’m learning so much! Over the weekend, Patrick brought the kids up for a fun weekend so we could not have to go two weeks without seeing each other. I could have driven back… Continue reading Pittsburgh–Again

Road trip Out West, Part 1 DC to KC

Last week, Seamus and Gilbert went to sleep away camp, while Porter and Harlan did Dance Camp locally. Sleep away camp was good, except for the homophobic conservatives in Seamus’s cabin, but he had his cousin to keep him company and that was a positive. Porter and Harlan worked hard on their dances, but we… Continue reading Road trip Out West, Part 1 DC to KC

Five Days in Olympic National Park

Patrick and I were excited when my parents volunteered to spend a week with the boys so we could head out of town, something we haven’t done since August 2019. We debated a little–I wanted to go to Portland, he wanted to go backpacking, and we settled on a trip to Olympic National Park for… Continue reading Five Days in Olympic National Park

Gilbert’s 10th Birthday

Gilbert’s birthday was before Labor Day weekend this year. It was important to us to generate some enthusiasm for his birthday. We couldn’t take him on a solo trip like Seamus got to NYC for his 10th birthday, so we settled for a socially distanced movie party. We invited four of his friends over, set… Continue reading Gilbert’s 10th Birthday

Great Lakes Tour 2020

I have so much to write about. Some sad, some happy, some probably a bit boring. But before I get into all that I want to report on our trip to the Great Lakes this summer.  We had planned to drive, camp, and see our friends on the Upper Peninsula, and I was hopeful that… Continue reading Great Lakes Tour 2020