New Orleans

I’m in NOLA for a work conference, and I just love this city so much. I flew out this morning, arrived to MSY around 2, and caught the city bus into town. It’s super easy now, because you can buy a 1 or 3 day Jazzy Pass for unlimited transportation on the bus, streetcar, or… Continue reading New Orleans

Books of 2021

I read more books than I have since I started keeping track, and it was fun, but less fulfilling than I’d hoped to read a lot of books. I have some tweaks to make for next year, but for now, here’s the list for the archives, and some reflection. * indicates e-reader ^^indicates audio 1)… Continue reading Books of 2021

Spring brings Changes

What a long year. This spring has felt good because it seems to be that every day I hear about someone else getting vaccinated and that’s one more person protected and potentially seen soon. It does start to give me some envious feelings, because I’m not eligible yet, even though I’m still working in person,… Continue reading Spring brings Changes


I finished reading Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell yesterday. It was an excellent book, and I want to reflect on it some today. Mostly, I want to connect it to my late professor Dr. Libby Oakes, who taught Shakespeare and women’s poetry at Western Kentucky University for many years. I couldn’t figure out why the book… Continue reading Hamnet


We’re not a family of quitters. In fact, as you may know, we’re over-doers. But, how do you know when to let a kid quit something they’ve committed to? We have a bit of a quandary to deal with, and we’re muddling through, so I welcome thoughts from your experience on the topic. For years,… Continue reading Quitters