Seamus’s Ninth Birthday!

It’s been a while since I blogged! Yikes. I’ll try to catch up, but no promises. The end of the semester gets harder every year, it seems.

Seamus’s birthday was this week, and he declared that it was the best! (And it isn’t over yet!) Mostly I think he was pleased with the attention and his presents. My parents arrived into town, and we had tickets to the Kennedy Center for the younger kids, so my folks took him to pick out a present, play in his soccer game, and go out for lunch afterwards. My dad said he could pick anything, so he said, “Even if it’s $1000 dollars!” And yes! But he only picked a rechargeable remote control car. I swear, Seamus loves and always wants these. They work briefly, but he has imagination that they could work forever, so he keeps picking them. This one is cool, but Porter and Harlan keep trying to take it.

Patrick and I enjoyed the birthday visit, because we got to go out a lot. There was way too much excitement while we were gone, but we liked being away a bit. On Wednesday, we celebrated with granddude and grandma. Seamus and Gilbert were really excited by their Instax cameras. They shot a whole roll of instant film. What’s old is new again! But they love it, and we’re looking forward to taking these cameras to Germany and documenting their trip for a kids eye point of view. I’m going to try to find albums for them. The pictures were awesome!

The big gift was a Pi-Top build your own computer for Seamus. He loves it. We’d considered it as the Santa present, but decided against it because it too many small pieces for that time of year. It’s pretty great! We had daddy pancake for his breakfast, tacos for dinner, and he had a field trip at school. We also squeezed in Forbidden Island. I can’t believe we have a 9 year old!

Happy Birthday, Seamus!

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