Moving–New Adventures

Well, it’s been a tumultuous and stressful few months. In November, I decided to start applying for jobs. By January, I had decided that I would definitely be leaving my job. I had several interviews (on Zoom, but for jobs all over the country), and I decided to accept an offer from Western Kentucky University.… Continue reading Moving–New Adventures


Books of 2022

I tried to read some longer books last year, to get more of an immersive experience. I’m still working on that goal for this year. I changed a few things–didn’t do goodreads, stopped running to the blog to write down every book read, did mini reviews in my journal, and I think some of those… Continue reading Books of 2022

Basketball Season

On Friday after Thanksgiving, we went to the lake to visit with grandparents and have Thanksgiving. The older boys watched some world cup (including the US/England game) and the younger kids were in the hot tub for awhile. It was a beautiful day! When we got home, Saturday was a big day of basketball revelations.… Continue reading Basketball Season

Days Off

Last week was Election Day and Parent Teacher Conference day. The kids also had a gloriously warm weekend before it turned off super cold this week. The last soccer game was November 5th, and Seamus’s team ended with a win, which made everyone happy. Then, he and Gilbert went to decorate for 4-H achievement night.… Continue reading Days Off