Some Updates. None earth shattering

We’ve continued to ski almost every weekend. So far, we’re at 24 days for the season. Getting our money’s worth out of our season passes, for sure. The semester is going along really fast. This is week 5 of the 16 week semester, and a colleague mentioned the other day that she only had 11… Continue reading Some Updates. None earth shattering

December–Already!?! Holiday Grumps

Well. One thing that’s cute this year is that Harlan is really into asking questions about Santa and the Elves, and Porter likes to pontificate with all the answers. Gilbert and Seamus occasionally participate, but they get the evil eye enough (for laying it on too thick or rolling their eyes) that they mostly stay… Continue reading December–Already!?! Holiday Grumps

Cookie Boxes

Have you seen all the gorgeous cookie recipes going around the internet? I can tell I’m finally starting to de-stress from the semester, because rather than feeling like baking cookies would be one more ridiculous thing to put on myself, I’m reading cookie recipes and thinking of planning a cookie box for our close friends/neighbors.… Continue reading Cookie Boxes

Cooking Update

We’ve been cooking a lot. Not that that should be a surprise. It’s 18 meals a day, and 12 snacks around here. We do takeout once a week. It’s a relief. The kids have gotten more adventurous in their eating, but it’s not all fun and games. The most exciting thing is our CSA has… Continue reading Cooking Update

Seamus’s 11th Birthday–Pandemic Style

We are now celebrating the second birthday in all of this craziness. He had a pretty good day, despite having a serious case of the birthday sads on Saturday before his birthday. We celebrated with treats, presents, and a birthday playdate of online Dominion with his buddy in Michigan. He was satisfied, and it seemed… Continue reading Seamus’s 11th Birthday–Pandemic Style