Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day is the most fun community holiday in our town. There’s a 3K fun run at 9:00, carnival festivities at the park, and a big parade at 2:00. Yesterday, we all wanted to go to the fun run, but Patrick had to get his pedicab for the parade, and Gilbert had committed to playing… Continue reading Memorial Day Fun

Skiing Copper Mountain

For the last few days, we’ve been at Copper Mountain during the day, and hanging out with our cousins at night. We have had a lot of snow. From Thursday until Saturday morning, it snowed and snowed. I think all told, we had about 12-14 inches of snow. We had a little trouble getting out… Continue reading Skiing Copper Mountain

Christmas in Steamboat

As usual, Christmas was thrilling for the whole family. The little guys could barely contain their excitement. Santa came, leaving a Lego for Porter and Harlan, some trucks that he picked up from another house and left second hand in Steamboat. Unfortunately, Harlan recognized them… Seamus got a beautiful illustrated book of ski maps and… Continue reading Christmas in Steamboat

Lead Up to Break

We had a solid run up to Christmas, with some lovely traditions. We added some new things. For the first time, we put some lights on our bushes outside. I took Porter and a friend to see Junie B Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, a play at the community center that Porter’s friend was performing in.… Continue reading Lead Up to Break

More Fun

Porter, Harlan, and I went to the tree lighting ceremony on campus. They had cookies and hot cocoa afterwards, but their favorite part was rolling down the big, steep hill on campus! I took the younger boys to Scottish Walk. Definitely festive to see the bagpipers and the kennel clubs with the different dogs–corgis, Westies,… Continue reading More Fun