Daniel Tiger

The younger boys are obsessed with Daniel Tiger lately. They keep acting out scenes from the show. Recently, I mentioned Porter’s comments, but the other day, Harlan loaded a beach pail with grass, brought it in the house and dumped it out. I sent him to time out because I was so surprised and annoyed… Continue reading Daniel Tiger

Cute Things

There’s been a few cute things the kids have done/said lately: Harlan has moved on from saying “You yelled at me, Mommy” and getting upset. Now he says, you hurted my feelings! And the other day, when we were getting ready to do a Facetime call after he’d been crying, he looked at himself on… Continue reading Cute Things

Porter’s Speech

I can’t believe we ever worried about Porter talking. Today, he climbed into bed with us and said we were a family of blue owls. His favorite song is a Spanish song, and he sings it all the time: “Manos, manos, manos, dedos, dedos, dedos, brazos, brazos, brazos, Baila baila baila!” He has an active… Continue reading Porter’s Speech

Potty Training

All of our boys (with the exception of Harlan) have been potty trained around their second birthdays. We’ve learned a few things over the time, and honestly, after potty training is done, it’s so easy to forget they ever wore diapers. Patrick made a video with tips and tricks, and he was playing with fast… Continue reading Potty Training


Porter is hilarious. And also two. Since he talks a lot now, we have a good idea what goes on in his head. However, he does still have his moments in which he’s very two (meltdowns for no reason, dragging his feet when he doesn’t want to go somewhere). At Zoolights, he was very excited… Continue reading Porter