Beautiful Afternoon

Yesterday, we had one of those perfect afternoons. The weather was perfect, the yard was dry, dinner was already prepped, and the boys were home without any afternoon activities. So Patrick played wiffleball with Seamus and Gilbert. They’re happy to play together, but they love it when an adult will play with them. I joined Porter and Harlan playing on the swings, then the eagle’s nest. Harlan can climb to the top, grasp the bars and lower himself through. He’s not tall enough to touch the ground, so he kind of swings himself until he decided to drop. Porter rode his bike around for a while; he’s getting pretty good on the pedals.

After there were one too many frustrated outbursts in wiffleball, Patrick stopped the game. He started playing catch with Gilbert, and I offered to do soccer drills with Seamus. Disclaimer: I know nothing about soccer drills, but even I could see Seamus needs practice on stealing the ball, and then turning around with it. He is fast and doesn’t get tired, so he can run down the person moving the ball downfield, but he mostly just crowds them over to the out of bounds line, and we were working on getting the ball away from them, and then immediately moving it the other direction. He wanted to argue about that, but finally saw the logic in not continuing to run towards his own goal. Porter got really into it too, but he got upset if Seamus stole the ball from him. It’s got to be hard trying to get better when your little brother makes you play down!

We came in for pizza and then Seamus, Gilbert, and Harlan headed back outside. Harlan fell on his slide, and Gilbert ran to comfort him. I said, “Oh, look how sweet he’s being to Harlan.” And little Porter, who was watching from the window and chomping his pizza said, “I wish he’d be sweet to me.” Sad face. The evening ended with just a little bump off his small swing from Harlan, and we played a quick game of Forbidden Island with the big boys. It was a lovely evening.


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