I’m No Expert

While my job makes one an expert on something–in my case, Mexican American and Chicano/a literature–it makes us far from experts on other things. There then becomes an opportunity to trust someone else to do their job and be an expert, or to micromanage, second guess, and try to become knowledgeable about everything. In the… Continue reading I’m No Expert

Home Improvements in a Tiny Space

We’ve come to terms with the idea that we are going to be in this house a long time. It’s small (1000 sq. ft.) but it can be functional for us. After a couple of IKEA trips, we’ve successfully reconfigured a few things. We have two bigger bedrooms, one for Patrick and me and one… Continue reading Home Improvements in a Tiny Space

Easter Weekend

Yesterday felt like Saturday. We got so much done.  I walked the boys to a new park and we played a long time–up and down the slides, experimenting with the sound tubes, running willy-nilly around the wide open space, counting tree rings, trying to get close to birds without scaring them…a fun morning, if  a… Continue reading Easter Weekend

On My Street

I’m having a lot of trouble focusing on grading response papers after teaching my classes today, so I thought I’d let you in on a little blog post I’ve been working on in my head. On my street there are big houses and small houses, and thanks to my across the street neighbors, I’ve gotten… Continue reading On My Street