Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day is the most fun community holiday in our town. There’s a 3K fun run at 9:00, carnival festivities at the park, and a big parade at 2:00. Yesterday, we all wanted to go to the fun run, but Patrick had to get his pedicab for the parade, and Gilbert had committed to playing… Continue reading Memorial Day Fun

Lead Up to Break

We had a solid run up to Christmas, with some lovely traditions. We added some new things. For the first time, we put some lights on our bushes outside. I took Porter and a friend to see Junie B Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, a play at the community center that Porter’s friend was performing in.… Continue reading Lead Up to Break

Halloween and a Strange Week

Last week was weird. We lost a lot of momentum but are getting it back this week. Halloween was a blast. The boys loved their costumes and trick-or-treating with friends. Because it wasn’t a school night, they were able to hang out later than normal. Seamus spent a good chunk of the evening with his… Continue reading Halloween and a Strange Week

Protest, Talk to Kids, Donate, Keep Going

When you think things can’t get worse. It’s been a difficult (what an understatement) spring. Those of us in my generation were largely spared Cold War fears, and things looked good. Then 9/11 changed our views of war and showed how racial profiling would dominate and create divisions among people for the next 20 years.… Continue reading Protest, Talk to Kids, Donate, Keep Going

Seamus’s 11th Birthday–Pandemic Style

We are now celebrating the second birthday in all of this craziness. He had a pretty good day, despite having a serious case of the birthday sads on Saturday before his birthday. We celebrated with treats, presents, and a birthday playdate of online Dominion with his buddy in Michigan. He was satisfied, and it seemed… Continue reading Seamus’s 11th Birthday–Pandemic Style