More Fun

Porter, Harlan, and I went to the tree lighting ceremony on campus. They had cookies and hot cocoa afterwards, but their favorite part was rolling down the big, steep hill on campus! I took the younger boys to Scottish Walk. Definitely festive to see the bagpipers and the kennel clubs with the different dogs–corgis, Westies,… Continue reading More Fun

Spring brings Changes

What a long year. This spring has felt good because it seems to be that every day I hear about someone else getting vaccinated and that’s one more person protected and potentially seen soon. It does start to give me some envious feelings, because I’m not eligible yet, even though I’m still working in person,… Continue reading Spring brings Changes


Holy moly. I’m just putting this here for the record of if it ever happens to me again, I can pinpoint when and how and for how long it happened before. Feel free to skip this post. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous! Seamus had a soccer game, the weather was high 60s and around noon we… Continue reading Vertigo

Senior Seminar–English

I took my senior seminar students downtown to the National Portrait Gallery to see the short-term exhibit on Sylvia Plath. Our theme for the course was Questioning Author-ity, and we did some theory reading, including Barthes “Death of the Author,” Foucault “What is an Author?”, Derrida “On Roland Barthes,” Walker “Feminist Criticism and the Author,”… Continue reading Senior Seminar–English

Turtle Talk

My colleague very generously offered to come talk to the elementary school about turtles. He has a wonderful turtle lab on campus, which we’ve been to a couple of times. This time, he packed up the small box and slider turtles, some turtle eggs, a snake, and a couple of large snapping turtles! The kids… Continue reading Turtle Talk