Childcare Part 3

Have you noticed how silent I’ve been on the issue of the boys’ childcare situation? That’s right, it’s because Patrick has been home with them and we need never worry about getting them to somewhere, getting them home from somewhere, what if they’re sick, and many more worries about being in a care situation. Well,… Continue reading Childcare Part 3

Mostly Just Thinking

So, wow. March 19th. I’m not sure where March has gone. We’ve been thinking hard about the direction to take next year–should P go back to work? should S go to preschool? should I take on more at my job? In all of this, we’ve kind of been ignoring what happens to G, I think… Continue reading Mostly Just Thinking

The Big News

Here it is: I’ve accepted a position with Marymount University in Arlington, VA for next year. We are so excited to be moving, to have a job, and to be closer to family. We’re of course a little sad to be leaving all of our friends, schools, and fun sunshine. However, we are ready for… Continue reading The Big News

Well the Last Title Should Tell You Something about Where I’ve Been

I’ve been working to get that dissertation in shape to send off to my committee. That part is done. Check. And now it’s time for the craziness around actually scheduling a time to defend…not as easy as it sounds. I thought I had a perfect day down, but that date has fallen through, so now,… Continue reading Well the Last Title Should Tell You Something about Where I’ve Been

The One Hundredth

When Friends got to their one hundredth episode, they titled it, “The One Hundredth.” All the other episodes are titled “The One ___” often referring to a minor plot line.┬áThis is my one hundredth blog post! We’ve got milestones all over the place this month. Seamus turns 18 months, I’ve been blogging for a year… Continue reading The One Hundredth