Books of 2022

I tried to read some longer books last year, to get more of an immersive experience. I’m still working on that goal for this year. I changed a few things–didn’t do goodreads, stopped running to the blog to write down every book read, did mini reviews in my journal, and I think some of those… Continue reading Books of 2022

Books of 2021

I read more books than I have since I started keeping track, and it was fun, but less fulfilling than I’d hoped to read a lot of books. I have some tweaks to make for next year, but for now, here’s the list for the archives, and some reflection. * indicates e-reader ^^indicates audio 1)… Continue reading Books of 2021


I finished reading Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell yesterday. It was an excellent book, and I want to reflect on it some today. Mostly, I want to connect it to my late professor Dr. Libby Oakes, who taught Shakespeare and women’s poetry at Western Kentucky University for many years. I couldn’t figure out why the book… Continue reading Hamnet

Some Updates. None earth shattering

We’ve continued to ski almost every weekend. So far, we’re at 24 days for the season. Getting our money’s worth out of our season passes, for sure. The semester is going along really fast. This is week 5 of the 16 week semester, and a colleague mentioned the other day that she only had 11… Continue reading Some Updates. None earth shattering

Books from 2020

I read more books this year! Maybe because of 2020? Maybe because I figured out how to move Libby books from my iPad to my Kindle? Maybe because a student wanted to to a tutorial on James Baldwin, and I had to read a lot to catch up? Maybe because #BlackLivesMatter inspired me to read… Continue reading Books from 2020

December–Already!?! Holiday Grumps

Well. One thing that’s cute this year is that Harlan is really into asking questions about Santa and the Elves, and Porter likes to pontificate with all the answers. Gilbert and Seamus occasionally participate, but they get the evil eye enough (for laying it on too thick or rolling their eyes) that they mostly stay… Continue reading December–Already!?! Holiday Grumps