Days Off

Last week was Election Day and Parent Teacher Conference day. The kids also had a gloriously warm weekend before it turned off super cold this week. The last soccer game was November 5th, and Seamus’s team ended with a win, which made everyone happy. Then, he and Gilbert went to decorate for 4-H achievement night.… Continue reading Days Off


This weekend was homecoming at my university, and I took Harlan and his buddy to be helpers. All the other kids had games, but then Gilbert’s got residual-rained out. Porter woke up Sunday with a bad sore throat, so he laid on the couch all day Sunday. Seamus, Gilbert, and Harlan went to the batting… Continue reading Homecoming

The Grind

I was going to write a happy and upbeat post about the kids going back to school, but it turns out they weren’t actually that excited about it. Everyone is fine, but transition from summer has made a lot of them kind of grumpy and needing more sleep. However, Gilbert finally switched from Spanish into… Continue reading The Grind