Seamus’s 11th Birthday–Pandemic Style

We are now celebrating the second birthday in all of this craziness. He had a pretty good day, despite having a serious case of the birthday sads on Saturday before his birthday. We celebrated with treats, presents, and a birthday playdate of online Dominion with his buddy in Michigan. He was satisfied, and it seemed… Continue reading Seamus’s 11th Birthday–Pandemic Style


As Patrick goes back to work, I’ve been saying (and mulling over the fact) that the children will simply have to help more around the house. Two people working just means there are not as many hours to get housework done, and there’s still the same amount of work (or more) to do. Lots of… Continue reading Chores


We made it home, and it’s been nice to be here. We won’t be for long, though! Porter immediately set in to playing with his toys, especially his birthday presents. Seamus and Gilbert wanted to go to the library to replenish their book stash. Harlan was just happy to toddle around and rediscover his digs.… Continue reading Home

Seven Things: Rapidly Approaching the End of 2014

1. We made a visit to the lake. It was really cold, so cold that when we went up the mountain to pick some apples, we bought a bag of them, turned around, and got back in the car. 2. We had parent teacher conferences. Patrick’s dad babysat, and we took Porter with us. Seamus’s… Continue reading Seven Things: Rapidly Approaching the End of 2014