The Grind

I was going to write a happy and upbeat post about the kids going back to school, but it turns out they weren’t actually that excited about it. Everyone is fine, but transition from summer has made a lot of them kind of grumpy and needing more sleep. However, Gilbert finally switched from Spanish into… Continue reading The Grind

Omicron Wave

Well, after dodging Covid for two years, despite some traveling and hanging out with friends, and kids’ sports (most of this stuff was our family unit, and mostly outside), it finally caught up to us. Harlan started feeling a little sick on Wednesday last week, asking me for a tissue more than usual and wooling… Continue reading Omicron Wave

Skiing Copper Mountain

For the last few days, we’ve been at Copper Mountain during the day, and hanging out with our cousins at night. We have had a lot of snow. From Thursday until Saturday morning, it snowed and snowed. I think all told, we had about 12-14 inches of snow. We had a little trouble getting out… Continue reading Skiing Copper Mountain

Halloween and a Strange Week

Last week was weird. We lost a lot of momentum but are getting it back this week. Halloween was a blast. The boys loved their costumes and trick-or-treating with friends. Because it wasn’t a school night, they were able to hang out later than normal. Seamus spent a good chunk of the evening with his… Continue reading Halloween and a Strange Week

Spring brings Changes

What a long year. This spring has felt good because it seems to be that every day I hear about someone else getting vaccinated and that’s one more person protected and potentially seen soon. It does start to give me some envious feelings, because I’m not eligible yet, even though I’m still working in person,… Continue reading Spring brings Changes