The Heat is On

We’ve been dealing with brutal temperatures here in ABQ. And because it’s been ever so slightly humid (and people, I am not discounting your pain in far more humid areas of the country),  our swamp cooler is not as effective as it might be. This means that it’s still in the high 90s when we put Seamus to bed, so he’s sleeping in a onesie (he takes his diaper off otherwise), but by the time 6:00 rolls around, it’s cool enough to need a little blanket covering him. If he doesn’t stay exactly the right temperature, he’s up for the day. We’ve been alternating between 6:15 and 8:00 wake-ups for the last week.

The weather people keep telling us that the heat will break in two days. When it’s always two days away, that seems to offer hope, but then the next day, the break is still two days away! There’s nothing to do for it but to nap in the afternoon. Luckily Seamus’s daycare is well air-conditioned. Unlike our house. Another reason to go to daycare (or justification for feeding my need for a nap in the afternoon).

We were watching Entourage this week and one of E’s girlfriends wants to read his email. I asked Patrick if he wanted to read my email. His response? “I don’t read your blog. Why would I want to read your email?” Good point, I suppose.

The heat is also on with Chapter 3. I’m about 12 pages in, going to write some more today, but it’s coming along. I was telling a friend that this chapter is going to bring on the baby because part of it is what I was working on the day I went into labor with Seamus. I was so reluctant to work that day that I’m pretty sure the writer’s block brought on a baby. At least then I had an excuse for why I wouldn’t be submitting that paper any time soon. Now that paper has rolled up again. We still have 6 official weeks to go with this baby, so I am actually working on this chapter now, but how weird would it be if when I get stuck on writer’s block (which I don’t currently have) with this one is when this baby comes too?

I love summertime iced coffee, and that’s what’s getting me through these days. What’s taking you through these hot ones?


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