Childcare Stress Part 2

Just when  you think everything is worked out…

Last night we had a parent meeting at our daycare. Long story short, they’re going to implement the continuity of care model with Seamus’s group of kids, which means that he’ll be the oldest child in his room, and in January when they all transition to the young toddler room, he’ll be 20 months and the youngest will be 12 months. Right now he mostly plays with the kids who are 6-10 months older than him. I understand why they made the decisions they did, and my biggest concern was that they would add some older children to his room so he wouldn’t be the only oldest child, and they assured me that there were 3 kids added who are closer to his age. The best thing is that he gets to stay with his teachers who he (and we) really likes.

Afterwards, Patrick and I spent a long time talking about school and age and placement, etc. I do believe that holding children back can be effective for their development and maturity, and if it becomes evident that that was the wrong choice for whatever reason, there’s nothing that says they can’t skip a grade later or graduate early or a variety of other acceleration options. We have mostly decided to keep a full grade year between the two boys, which will make the younger one a little old for his grade.

Well clearly, Seamus is advanced, as here’s a picture of him from Explora Science Museum…

Figuring out properties of Sand

Or maybe not, since he really enjoys being in a Home Depot bucket…

His Hot Tub

Anyway, we’re glad Sarah’s back with us in September, whatever the fall brings with Seamus’s daycare classroom change.


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