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A Brief Update on the History of All We’re Doing July 15, 2010

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We have been busy! I’m sure you have been too, so I appreciate  you checking in with me.

  • First off, my parents’ visit. Went swimmingly well. Literally. We swam several days at the nice Marriott indoor/outdoor pool. Seamus likes the water better when Patrick is in it playing with him. He also likes sitting on the edge of the pool pelting his parents with ice cubes–a trick his grandaddy taught him. He also loves his little kiddie pool that we’ve set up on the back patio. In fact, he likes it so much that he brings us his shoes so he can go outside, and he doesn’t try to take them off once he gets out there.
  • We hiked twice during my parents’ visit, once in Santa Fe and once on the Crest. Beautiful and 60 degrees both times. Picnics included avocado, goldfish, frozen raspberries, nectarines, and cheese.
  • We tried several gastronomic adventures while my folks were here. Biggest successes were Farina for the pizza/salad/outdoor dining, and Scalo for the $15 bottle of wine/great (unusually awesome for ABQ) service/dessert. Biggest failure–none. Seamus was great everywhere we took him.
  • Right after my parents left, Patrick and Seamus took off on their camping trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. Brave brave brave. I got a lot of work done, including sending a chapter off to my advisor and getting research done toward another chapter. Moreover, I cleaned the house, hung out with friends, including those I haven’t seen in a while, worked out, and slept 10 hours a night. How did I get all that done? And why wasn’t I ever that productive before Seamus came along? Big highlight was seeing Demetria Martinez (read Mother Tongue immediately if you haven’t already) and Martin Espada read poetry. The little baby inside me really enjoyed Espada’s reading–kicking, twisting, and slamming from side to side.
  • Patrick’s birthday was this weekend, and we had fun trying out one of his presents last night. It was a pizza pan for grilling and we had no success with the first pizza but later ones turned out pretty good when we perfected the technique. However, in typical me fashion we were trying this strategy out on friends who were expecting to eat sometime. That raised the stakes and made it a little more interesting shall we say? Anyway, we came to a decision to cook the pizza dough on one side, take it off the grill, put the toppings on the side that had been cooked, and then return the pizza to the grill. Success.
  • We also saw our friends and their little big boy night before last. He is so cute with the biggest eyes ever. Seamus was a little disconcerted when he woke up from his afternoon nap two days in a row to find other babies playing with his toys. I say, it’s good practice for him.
  • We have less than a month of summer left because Patrick goes back to work August 12, and by my calculations, this baby will be arriving sometime in the next 5-7 weeks. That’s enough to make my work schedule fire up.

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