NYC for Seamus’s Tenth Birthday

Seamus’s 10th birthday fell on the same day as an important conference that I wanted to go to in New York City. So, after much deliberation, Patrick and I decided to go up on the train with just Seamus for his birthday. On Friday, we got in early, so I was able to spend all day at the conference and give my presentation in the last session. Patrick and Seamus headed off to explore (unfortunately, it rained a lot on Friday!). They had pizza and got haircuts and went to the Museum of Mathematics. Seamus got to try out the square bike:

Now we know why circles are better for wheels!

They also checked out the Flatiron building, because a long time ago, Seamus had a Lego set of the Flatiron and he built it a couple of times. It was cool for him to see the actual building. They cruised past Bryant Park and the Public Library, in search of the Nintendo Store near Rockefeller Center. They saw the statue of Prometheus and headed over to the Hershey store in Times Square. Seamus liked Times Square a lot and asked to go back the next day. Then they checked into the hotel to wait for me to get done with the conference. All told, we all walked about 4.5 miles that day (in between, and during, rain showers). I really enjoyed the conference and catching up with old friends and colleagues.

We got Macarons for Seamus’s birthday.

He got Nutella, Vanilla, Coconut, and Pistachio.

The next day, Seamus and I were up and ready to get some bagels! New York bagel shops are so stressful. I didn’t even notice all the different cream cheeses until we’d already ordered and gotten our stuff. It was fine though, and the bagels were so good, they didn’t need anything fancy.

We headed down to the 9/11 Memorial, which Seamus said he wanted to see. I’m not sure what he was expecting to see, but it was a somber place. Lots of names on the wall. We meandered around, checking out Trinity Church graveyard (where Hamilton is buried), the NYSE and Charging Bull. We wound up in Battery park looking out into the harbor and the Statue of Liberty. But we decided not to take that trip, and headed off to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. What a fascinating experience!

In Battery Park, Lower Manhattan.

There was SO much pedestrian and bike traffic on the bridge it was hard to notice the car traffic! We ended up wandering around Brooklyn looking for a bathroom. When none were to be had, we boarded a Subway bound for Penn Station, since we were going to try to honor Seamus’s desire to go back to Times Square and look at the M&M shop.

Eating standing up, like a real New Yorker!

Hungry, we grabbed some pizza. Seamus embraced vertical eating. The garment district caused our eyes to pop out with all the fabric and trim stores. My mom would’ve died! M&M store was, as you may imagine, hilarious and completely ridiculous. We walked a bit longer, caught a Sikh parade along Madison Ave, and then headed back to Penn Station to catch our train. All told, that was at least 6.6 miles of walking. We were all tired, but I was so pleased that Seamus did all that walking without complaining even once. He did ask to take a cab back from Brooklyn so we didn’t have to go over the bridge again, but we did a subway instead.

It was such a treat for him and us to get to spend that time together. I really hope we can make it a tradition for the kids to take them to NYC (or somewhere special) for a night for their 10th birthdays.


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  1. What a wonderful birthday gift. And I got to read about lots of my old hangouts…like Alexander Hamilton’s grave, where I used to eat lunch during a HS summer job at Mitsubishi US headquarters! They offered me a $5/wk higher starting salary if I’d drop out of HS and stay with them permanently. 😦

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