Easter Weekend

We had a longish drive on Friday, through the rain, but we did get off I-95 and drive the backroads a bit, which was nice for all of us. We caught a cute little cafe in Dunn, NC for lunch and a leg stretch. We were all pretty tired by the time we got to Lake Monticello, but pizza awaited and we had fun.

Always fun to find a caboose. This was the 15 minutes it wasn’t raining on us.

Saturday, the kids got the best gift–three Easter egg hunts! One was out in the community, which was well-organized and had crafts and face painting prior to the hunt. Harlan was really excited about the Easter bunny, but was a little too shy to really say hi to the person in the costume. We collected a lot of eggs and got very excited about it.

Everyone had a special spot to hunt eggs.
Harlan really liked making his crown.

We returned to the house for some food and to get ready for the hunt at the lake. The eggs were hidden all over the playground and in the woods. It was a little chaotic, but excellent, because after the hunt, the kids enjoyed playing on the playground or the basketball courts. It was very exciting, in the big kid area when a snake was found lounging among the (plastic) eggs. Gilbert was thrilled! (It touched his foot.)

This was right up Porter’s alley.

We were back at the house, and the older boys set up a hunt in the basement for the younger boys. They did that over and over for 45 minutes, as it was so much fun for both sets of kids. Then, Gilbert got in the hot tub and had a terrible reaction to the water on his sunburn. That consumed the next several hours.

He recovered unscathed, and we had a pleasant evening of movie and dinner and relaxation. On Sunday morning, Pop Pop was the Easter bunny, and that was the best (hardest) hunt yet. We weren’t able to find some of them! We drove home, and I hid some eggs around the house for the kids to find. They were sad for it all to come to a close, so they consoled themselves by eating their chocolate bunnies’ ears.

Spring break was over. It was a little hard to gear up for work and school the next day, but we enjoyed the beautiful Sunday weather (and cheered that the grass in the backyard is coming along). It wasn’t long before we were off on another adventure, which I’ll chronicle next!



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