Thanksgiving, Over in a Flash

As, predicted, Thanksgiving went quickly. The older boys were appropriately thankful for family, food, water, earth, and some other, slightly bizarre things. Wednesday, none of us had school, so we enjoyed a morning together before shipping to boys off to Double Mandarin in the afternoon so we could prep the house a little.

Thursday and Friday, I got in yoga practice, for which I was grateful. On Thursday, we hosted Grandude and Grandma for dinner. There was plenty of food. My favorite was the cranberry-blueberry cobbler I made. Now, if I’d only had some vanilla ice cream, but I felt that would be a little excessive, since we also had a pumpkin and an apple pie.

Friday, Seamus, Gilbert, and Patrick took a bike ride down to Mt. Vernon. It was a truly amazing day, warm and sunny. A few years ago, it was a high of 30 on Thanksgiving, so this was pretty welcome. Porter has thrown in the towel and decided that 5:00 am is a perfectly acceptable time to wake up in great distress. We’re pretty tired of that, after only a couple of days.

Saturday and Sunday found us down with Nana and PopPop for another Thanksgiving Dinner (now I’m reminded of “Alice’s Restaurant”) and then it was over. Back to school and work.

Seamus is auditioning for the school play, so we worked on his lines over break. Gilbert has been pretty consistently dismantling my attempts to bring the Legos under control, but he is much happier since he can find all the pieces he needs to build something. Porter has been very choosy about his books lately. And I was up at 5 again this morning, so I’ll call it a blog.


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