Weaning, Playing, and Sick Days (Kind of a Boring Post)

I weaned Porter last week. He was 15.5 months old at the time, and we’d been down to only once before bed for over a month. I was just so tired all the time, so I figured it would be good to take a tax off my body. It was a little sad, but we both handled it just fine. He had learned the word for nurse, though, so I think it was something he liked a lot.

I’m taking a sick day from work today. I lost my voice on October 28, in a stress-related, over-talking incident, and it sort of came back, but then it left again last week. I hardly ever take sick days, but I’ve got to get better. This semester is not over yet, and there’s still a lot to do. So rest and tea. Seamus and Gilbert are both just hanging on to their health. We put them to bed early, but they’ve got so much stuff going on at school right now that they really want to go. However, it’s wearing them out. We’re talking field trips, book parties, reading week, dress up days, all kinds of fun. I think when Thanksgiving rolls around, we may all collapse for a few days.

Every day, as part of his morning routine, Porter gets to go to the park. Today it was pretty cold, and it’s going to rain soon, so I took him to the indoor play place for an hour. He loved it. There were more balls than he could scoop up in one place. That right there would qualify as a good time in his world, but there was more. He played on the kiddie trampoline, the little foam slide, and the treehouse. We played a little peek-a-boo, but I had to leave when the mom party got a little loud and rowdy. He didn’t want to take a nap. His routine now is to read a few books before nap or bed, then he turns out the light, and we lay him in his crib. Today, he flat refused to turn off the light, as if somehow that would delay the inevitable. He didn’t last long though. Two protest cries, and he was asleep.

Gilbert was sorely disappointed to not be getting a baby sister. I’ll try to write it up in a future post, but he did come up with on his own that while he knew there wasn’t really any difference in games to play with a baby brother or a baby sister, he had really wanted a sister to play with.



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