Gilbert Turns Five!

Gilbert’s birthday means that he almost always has a birthday over Labor Day weekend. Last year it was the Tuesday after, and this year, the Thursday before. My parents came for a visit to celebrate, and he’s been pretty excited. Over the last year, Gilbert has definitely settled down, grown up a little, honed his sense of humor, and become even more Gilbert than he was before.

Working on a shop project.
Working on a shop project.

He wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. He made one of the layers all by himself. He loved his presents: a Lego service truck with a port-a-potty; two-way radio; neck massager; and a book with pictures from preschool.

Things are a little dicey this morning; there’s a lot of yelling, so I’m going to have to cut it short. Suffice it that Gilbert is growing and enjoying his life.

A look back:











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