Gilbert’s Birthday

Gilbert turned four! He got his 3 in 1 oil, and we were at a park picking up our green chile while I pushed him on a swing. It was squeaking like crazy, and he said, “Hey! I wish I had my 3 inside of 1 oil for the swing!” Granny and Grandaddy visited for his birthday. It was a little bummer that he was sick, but he managed to rally. They played coffee beans game, shooting bow and arrow, and making nappies for the imaginary mouse in my mom’s stories.

He’s very four. There are wild mood swings and our compliant (or as compliant as Gilbert ever got) three year old is gone. However, there’s determination to do things on his own and real cognitive advancement. He is still adjusting to changes in the family dynamic, but he loves holding and playing with Porter. Riding his wave without falling off ourselves is a challenge but then he exhibits moments of hilarious creativity and we can see a way through it.

He wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I made Chocolate Pudding Cake. It was the most sugar I’ve used in a long time (1/2 a cup), and it tasted super sweet to me. He liked it, but I think the wasn’t really caring very much, he just wanted to help make something.

He’s headstrong and timid. He’s adamant and adaptable. He is absolutely a member of our family!

Our Four Year Old! He picked out Porter's outfit, and he has a matching shirt.
Our Four Year Old! He picked out Porter’s outfit, and he has a matching shirt.




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