26 Weeks Pregnant

At the 26 week mark–I feel pretty good, a little big, but I know that there is still room to get bigger…I’ve been doing this:

26 Weeks Pregnant in Headstand
26 Weeks Pregnant in Headstand

This is the yoga I go to on campus. I love that it’s free, and she teaches Ashtanga, which is what I practice at my other studio. Both of my teachers are awesome at modifying poses for me and knowing what I should and shouldn’t attempt.

I’m hoping that yoga classes give this little one balance and mindfulness in his life. When I was pregnant with Seamus, I was taking an intellectually demanding class on Ideas of Latin America and hemispheric studies. He got me out of my final paper by coming two weeks early. Seamus is my question boy, who also loves language and difficult ideas. I think he picked it up in utero. My second pregnancy I took rock climbing classes until about six months, when the harness stopped fitting really well. Gilbert is my daredevil. He loves to climb, exert himself physically, and test his limits. He actually has much better spatial awareness than I do.

I’m hoping that there is a connection between mama and baby–Not in some messed up, woman-blaming way of if-you’ve-been-stressed-out then you’re responsible for making a baby obese, or stunted, or some other disaster that’s always popping up in clickable news stories–but in an intentional, loving way of passing on values and benefits through the physical connection. Here’s hoping for a zen-ish baby.



  1. I took clogging lessons while living in Nashville. The two teachers (sisters) were each pregnant during part of my time doing this. Both of those babies were keeping rhythm at just a few months — waving their arms and legs in the air. They were clogging almost as soon as they could balance on their feet. It was amazing. Those two sisters clogged right up until days before delivery.

  2. Way to go, Leigh. I love your comments about the physical connection. Very cool. I hope you are doing well. Your due date will be here before you know it. I have been wanting to call you back, but things are crazy still. Family is in town this week. Know that you are thought of in CO. I hope we can see each other soon.

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