Weekends Part 3: Running the Bases

For a third weekend fun activity, we capped a great weekend with running the bases at Nationals Park. The weekend started off low-key, but we added an impromptu evening of tacos with friends on Friday. The weather was nice enough that the boys (all four of them in the house) could play outside; that ended up so much fun that the dads got in on the T-ball/frisbee action too. We had such a pleasant evening, with boys ages 4, 3, 2, & 1 hanging out together while parents ate, drank margaritas, and dreamed of ways to take over the world.

On Saturday, Seamus had a birthday party at a trampoline place to attend. Even though Gilbert had his own friend’s party a few weeks ago, and even though he was promised lots of bike-riding while Seamus was at the party, he still melted down into full-blown tears when Seamus and I left. However, Seamus and I had a great time. He did get a few skin burns from the trampoline, but he enjoyed himself–and the Cheeto that he ended up tasting.

(We recently moved Seamus up to his big bike that he was too small for last year, and that meant moving Gilbert to Seamus’s smaller pedal bike. Gilbert is very proud of this accomplishment, despite the fact that he quickly tires of trying out the new bike because it’s a lot more work. The fact that he’s only ridden it a few times doesn’t stop him at all from announcing to friends and strangers that he now rides a pedal-bike! As for the cheeto, when they had swim lessons, their friend always got a bag of Cheetos out of the vending machine after swimming. I didn’t get one for the boys, but they were curious about the bag of cheesy chips. When confronted with Cheetos at the party, while in the kids party room away from the adults, Seamus went for it! He said he only had one and that he didn’t much care for it, but I’m not sure how that’s possible.)

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to go to the Nats game with my friend. It was gorgeous out, and it was kids opening day, and it was a Sunday so kids got to run the bases after the game. For the first time, Seamus was able to understand the game and ask questions about it. Some quotes:

Seamus, after a home run: Wow he really nailed it!

Gilbert, when told he might be too tired to run the bases because he was complaining about the walk on the concourse we had done earlier: I wasn’t complaining about the walk; I was complaining about my energy!

Seamus, after the game: …and then, when the Nat tagged the Brave….

Both boys were pretty freaked out by the Braves fans on our side (we sat behind the visitors dugout) doing the Braves cheer and chop. They thought it was weird and eerie and wanted to know what Nats fans do instead. I realized that I didn’t know.

Running the bases was a huge it, and totally worth it, since it wasn’t too hot, and the line was not too long. Seamus got there and raced away, Gilbert in hot pursuit! I had thought that maybe he wouldn’t do it, but I should never underestimate the power of Seamus to sway Gilbert into an activity he might be too tired for. They went from first, to second, to third, to home in the time it took three adults to amble from first to home. The authorities didn’t want any pictures taken, so we didn’t; you’ll just have to trust that there was a lot of joy on their faces. Afterwards we had dinner at my friend’s new apartment, and they couldn’t get over telling her husband all about the excitement.

Whew! I’ve gotten weekend stories out just in time. This weekend, we’ve got a few things on tap; play by MU students, a cousin’s birthday party, and then on Monday, we’re taking the day off to visit the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum before they go away for five years while the Smithsonian puts together a T-Rex. On Wednesday, we head to New Orleans for a wedding! It’s going to be 75 and sunny!


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