Spring Break?

I’m on Spring Break. The weather is predicting a snow storm on Wednesday. Aaargh! The time change hasn’t even happened yet, so the boys are UP! at 6:30 every morning. “Mama, I’m ready for my breakfast now!” “Hang on a second, I haven’t even made coffee yet.”

It’s 7:40 and we’ve done breakfast and they are dressed in their knight costumes playing with each other with their swords. Seamus informed me that they aren’t swords, but “poking things so that someone will move.” Oh, okay, good to know. We’re going to dance and music class this morning. I’ve never been to music and they are super-excited to tell and show me all about their class.

Patrick was catching Gilbert’s cold, so he went to bed at 7:30 last night. I stayed up and folded all the clean laundry from the last week that has been washed but was piling up. I watched Sex and the City while folding, and again recalled a little of my life before children. I used to grade or do laundry and watch TV a lot. Last night it took me three episodes to get through about eight loads of laundry. The folding and growing piles made me a little OCD–I suddenly was offended by any remaining dirty items thinking, “We must start the week with all clean clothes.” And then I realized: We don’t win against laundry, dishes, approaching time changes, and so many other things. There will always be more to not change…so good evening on the zen front.

I’m making Bulgarian pepper casserole tonight for dinner at a friend’s house. Bell peppers, ricotta, feta, rice, and dill. I think a couple of eggs. Gluten-free for her, vegetarian for us, Bulgarian for her husband! Will the kids eat it? Not if Peter made banitsa–a Bulgarian dish of eggs, yogurt, and phyllo-dough. Come to think of it, I might just eat the banitsa too.

The rest of the week looks good–Preschool, big snow storm likely to give Patrick a snow day on Wednesday, grading exams, reading, revising some pieces. Here’s hoping.


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