You know you have…

Seasonal Affective Disorder when the thought of an early March snowstorm sends you apoplectic. Actually, no, I knew I had it when I moved to New Mexico, and the beginning of March rolled around, and I wasn’t trying desperately to find things to look forward to. I paused and thought to myself, why am I still feeling pretty balanced? Answer, the sun was shining almost every day and I could get out of the house without a huge production. I also took the bus to school and walked around a lot then. What I’m saying is that I never realized how much the grayness of winter affected me, until all of a sudden, it didn’t affect me.

Maybe we'll get more snow than this, and they can sled.
Maybe we’ll get more snow than this, and they can sled.

If it snows a lot (3-8 inches predicted), maybe we’ll get to go sledding, as Seamus and Gilbert really want to do. The weather people are calling this one snowquester.


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