Trying to Keep Up

Yesterday I had to ask Patrick what we had done the day before. I could not remember. Um, I’m embarrassed to say that I’ll have to think about it again before I could tell you what we did Saturday afternoon. This is just to show that while I’m working and going places and functioning, my brain is barely keeping up.

Right, Patrick and I went for a bike ride on Saturday afternoon because Sarah came over to watch the boys. Gilbert took his first bottle. She said he took it like a champ, no need to worry about him. Friday Patrick took off from work to go to the zoo with his mom and the two boys. I went to school for the job seekers’ workshop. (We have a membership to the zoo, which is why we go there so often–we can spend 30 minutes or 3 hours without feeling pressure to get our money’s worth.)

A colleague looked over my job letter for me and made some great suggestions. The most important in light of my recent brain lapses is probably for me to count how many times I mention a school’s name and then to recount to make sure I made all the correct replacements before sending the letter out! She also was encouraging to say that it’s still early for jobs to be posted, especially in this economy when state budgets are so uncertain.

I’m trying to keep my brain in work mode. It is difficult when I’m working at home and can hear babies crying or laughing to not want to intervene, but I trust Sarah and know that she’s doing a great job and they don’t really need me at that moment.

I signed up for Interfolio, even though it creates the dreaded non-personal letter. Deadlines start rolling on Thursday! Interesting times ahead!


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