Black and Orange Forever

I know it’s not Halloween yet, but my undergraduate institution’s colors were black and orange. Go Pios! Last night, I hosted an alumni gathering. It was really fun, with members of the class of ’64, ’71, ’74, ’85, ’91, ’00, ’02, and ’07 in attendance, along with a woman whose daughter had just started at L & C. We met at Kelly’s on their fabulous patio, and one advantage to the ridiculously, record-setting heat we’ve had the last week, is that it was really pleasant on the patio. Gilbert came along for the ride, and we joked that he was the class of ’32 representing himself. Seamus, well, we left him with my wonderful friend, her sister, and their dog and cat. He was well-entertained and didn’t have to sit still for two hours while we networked.

I tried to keep in mind to ask questions about other people and practiced my hostess skills. It’s really the last bastion of extrovertedness I have left. Mostly I’m content to be inside my head, but in cases like this, I really love to meet people and talk to them in an official capacity. What does it say about me that parties with my friends sometimes wear me out more than parties with strangers?

I would definitely host an event like this again, especially since so many of the folks attending were there because they were just so excited that there was actually an event in ABQ to attend. Where ever we end up next year, here’s my statement that there will be free drinks from L & C coming to us!

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  1. Inside your head? What is this(?), “Being Leigh Johnson” ? Is there a door
    you get thrown out beside a dusty highway? Do you walk about a half

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