Seamus’s Birthday

While it’s been a long time since his actual birthday, I wanted to record what we did. He didn’t want to do a party with his friends, or even go out with a group to Lazy Mike’s like he did last year, so I was at a bit of loose ends to figure out what to do.

I found a groupon for horseback riding, so I decided that would be fun. Seamus, Gilbert, and I drove out near Luray for a horseback ride. It was the best horse experience I’ve ever had. Over the summer, Seamus had wanted to try horseback riding in Montana, but we couldn’t find anywhere that would do it, and of course, the younger guys weren’t eligible. So, when I thought of it for him, I was excited. Gilbert’s horse was called Skittles, Seamus was on Tucker, and I was on Gary. The guide was knowledgeable, funny, and great with the group and horses. We rode along the Shenandoah River, with great views, and we went over a little water, up a hill, down a hill, and the boys were super happy.

Things were so busy with work around Seamus’s actual birthday, that we had to squeeze in birthday dinners with his grandparents. He enjoyed his time with them. He decided he’d like to get ice cream with one friend, so he did that. Patrick got him a new bike, since he’s outgrown his old one, and he and I went for a 8 mile bike ride to check it out. It’s a great bike! Overall, I think he had a great birthday, and he’s now officially a teenager!


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  1. A teenager! For some reason I did not realize it was his 13th. Wow! Sounds like excellent celebrating all around.

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