Doralee’s Last Trip

My grandmother died last August. One of the greatest loves of her life was travel. She relished seeing anything new. As she got older and less able to get around on her own, her definition of new expanded so she could still see new things in the small town she was living in. Even into her 80s, she would pick up and go anywhere, even if she’d been there before, but she really preferred to see something new.

I picked up her ashes from my parents on Sunday. My idea is that we will take Granny (GiGi) on her last road trip. I left a scoop next to her car to anchor her in her Kentucky home. I plan to spread a few ashes here and there, as we travel West. South Dakota, Custer State Park, Glacier, along the Blackfoot River, Lake Geneva, Hell Creek… Granny will be with us and we will honor her travelling spirit as we follow in her footsteps in some places, and lead her somewhere new in others.


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