Updates in the Time of Big Changes

We have been doing a lot of talking and listening with the kids. It’s been good to see them noticing more, asking more questions, etc.

So, at the risk of sounding blasé, which I am not, I will give a few updates.

  • The kids had their last day of school of this really bizarre year. That was right before we went to the march, so it was kind of strange to put a serious cast over their last day of school, but it was important. There were a lot of people there, all masked and signed up.
  • Patrick and Seamus delivered letters from Seamus’s teacher to the kids in class all over town. Porter went along on his bike. I said, “Wow, Porter, that’s great. I’m really impressed.” Harlan could not let that stand; he said, “Mama, remember when I walked all by myself on the long walk while we picked berries. Was that really impressive too?”
  • We picked a lot of Saskatoon berries and made jam out of them. It was a fun outing walking all over town to pick them and fun to make the jam. It tastes good, but a little too sweet.
  • Kayaking has been great. We took the kids out on the Potomac from Gravelly Point, and then we went out again on the Potomac at Mallows Bay, where they sunk a bunch of WWI battleships after the war. We packed a picnic, paddled around, and learned some stuff.
On the Potomac
  • Teaching is going well. I’m five classes away from being done with the summer session. It goes by fast!
  • Porter is obsessed with Harry Potter. He’s watched the first two movies; I’m reading him the first book; we’re listening to the second book; and he found a Wizard Chess set on the side of the road.
Playing Chess

I guess I just don’t have many words in me.



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