The Awaited post of The New World

I’m debating how to do this. There’s always the potential for “woe is me, I’m so privileged” to come across, and I’m trying to decide how not to do that, but you know, there’s a lot of tone-policers out there, and I’m not one of them…except when I am. Score 1 (a total relief) to 10 (I’m so bummed).

So, things cancelled:

  1. My university is extending spring break, and then moving our classes on line until March 30. Score: 6 (I don’t really get the same satisfaction from teaching online, but I’m nervous that the kids will be out of school, and it would be better to all be together).
  2. MathCON. Seamus got a bid to MathCon in Chicago. It’s a big math competition with fun games and activities for the kids. He’d get to go, by himself, with Patrick. It’s May 9th, but they already cancelled the event. Score: 9 (This would have made Seamus’s year. I’m so sad for him that he doesn’t get to go. It would have been no disruption in our lives and such an incredible experience for him).
  3. My Conference in New Orleans. Score: 5 (I am relieved to know the outcome of this decision, but I’m sad that I won’t get to have the experience of the conference, see friends, see my folks, and have some good time in NOLA with the kids.)
  4. FCKLL for Gilbert. Score: 7 (He doesn’t know that this is cancelled for the foreseeable future. It’s his little league, and they’ve only had one practice. They say they will play this season, but who knows when? And it is his favorite thing. I’m sad for him, but I know they will do baseball this year.)
  5. Odyssey of the Mind. Score:1 (This was an absolute disaster for me over the last two months. Full of unnecessary stress and commitment. They cancelled the regional tournament with no chance of rescheduling. Local teams talked about performing for each other, but I am so done and out. No performance. I’m ready to burn the set. Thank all the heavens).
  6. My Hair. Score: 10 (I think my hair is falling out from stress. That is a full on disaster.)

I’m sure there will be more stuff over the next few weeks. It’s been a roller coaster. I think we need to take precautions to keep people safe. I’m so concerned that the kids will be asymptomatic carriers and infect someone else. We can only do so much, but we need to do the very least.

I waited in line at Trader Joe’s a long time today, and had another long wait at Costco. I’m surprised that my wait at the ABC store was non-existent, but I’m gratified. I also felt strangely soothed today when I put away my purchases. I felt as though we were ready, whatever that means…

I wish all my readers good health, for you and your loved ones. How are you holding up?


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  1. At UTM we had spring break, came back s couple of days and then there was the announcement if moving everything to 9nline. I hear rumors that we won’t be back this semester, but officially as of now, only out till April 4. Lots of other events cancelled too.

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