Firefighters’ Weekend and the Itch to Travel

We’re headed to New Jersey today to have one last summer weekend (literally, I think, as it’s going to be fall next week). It should be fun, with nice weather, and good company. I’m dreading the drive though. Patrick and Porter already took off this morning with our friends, hoping to make the ferry. I have to teach until 3:15, and then I need to go home, pack, get the boys off the bus, and try to beat rush hour out of town. Whew. If all goes well, I might make it there by 9:00 tonight…

So, I’m trying to think: Beach, Firetrucks, Waves, Ocean Breeze, Spinach Hoagie Sandwich. Patrick did move the car seats so the boys will be in the captain’s chairs behind me instead of in the way back. I’m looking forward to being able to talk with them in the car. We also have the iPod loaded up with Songs and Stories of their favorite movies. They are repositories of hilarious information and interpretations of their days at school, so I’m hoping to hear quite a bit of new information.

It is fun to go places with the kids, as they learn so much when travelling, and they’re always so happy to get back home. They will play cooperatively outside and inside for a full day after a trip. They also do a full on snuggle into their own beds upon home arrivals.

I’ve been feeling the itch to travel with the kids, especially since air tickets are so cheap right now! Dulles to Las Vegas is dirt cheap, and DCA to NOLA is cheap, and I want to go all the warm places in November, December, January, and February! We already have a trip to KY planned in Dec, a trip to Austin planned for Jan, and a trip to Nassau planned for Feb. You might ask, what more do I hope to cram in??? I almost got tix for a NOLA trip in November, but then I realized the days the kids had off from school were Parent Teacher Conference days, and I don’t want to miss those or ask the teachers to reschedule. So no trip. I have to work anyway, and that’s always a terrible time to get behind.

This summer’s travels were so fun, and I think I’m just loathe to let those memories go into the past. I want to look forward to more. So I’ve shifted focus to thinking about next summer (of course), and it’s all pretty nebulous so far. We have passports though, so maybe Canada? But that would require driving. I much prefer to fly with the kids. So much easier to manage expectations and boredom.


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