I used to feel sorry for/annoyed by people who indulged their kids all weekend. I remember going to a parade and seeing all these kids doing things I hoped they didn’t do during the week. But, as my job becomes more demanding, I’ve become one of the people who spends a great deal of the percentage of quality time in a week with the kids on the weekend. Luckily, I’ve had some amazing weekends with the boys lately.

A couple of Saturdays ago, Patrick got out for a bike ride (he doesn’t need weekend quality time, as he sees them all week), and I took S&G to their swim lesson, where they did a great job getting right to work. We hustled to Old Town afterward, but we ended up missing the reptile show we had wanted to attend. Instead, we walked from my friend’s new place down to the water to feed the ducks. I was a little nervous that Gil was going to launch himself over the rail into the water in an effort to chuck the pieces of bread more efficiently at the geese. He restrained himself.

Then we wandered and walked some more along the water and the pretty parks that comprise the waterfront at Old Town. I see why people love living there. The environment is nearly perfect. We had crepes for lunch–and when we told the boys that’s where we were going, they stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to give each other big hugs! After lunch, Gil was getting a little tired, so my friend carried him a block, then he waled a block. They informed her that they had learned some new bad words that my dad had taught them. She raised an eyebrow, said, “Maybe you shouldn’t say them,” when they burst out with “Hinky binky soda pop, and you stink!”

Last night, we had dinner with her and her husband. He kept saying, “You’re a genius pants” to Seamus, until Seamus finally told him that “genius” is a bad word, if it’s used in the phrase, “Way to go, genius.”

More later. Maybe today.


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