Farmer Boy

Seamus’s agenda of chapter books is moving right along. We’ve finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and are currently in Farmer Boy. He says that he loves chapter books, and he can remember what’s been happening enough to ask thoughtful questions. It’s a pleasure to read something different, honestly. Seamus will do pretty much anything for someone to read him a chapter of his book. This morning I read the chapter where Father and Mother leave the kids in charge of the farm. They don’t eat all the sugar, but they almost do. Seamus agreed that they had been pretty naughty.

Gilbert is deep in a Berenstein Bears phase, and I just can’t take much more of it. It was pretty funny last night when I read it to him, and the he read it to his teddy bear with minimal prompting from me. Teddy has an identity. Yesterday, Gilbert woke up and climbed in bed with us. Teddy started crying so Gilbert hugged him to make him feel better. He said he was Teddy’s daddy.



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