Great Nan

I meant to write this under yesterday’s post on the things, and also the people, we miss. However, it didn’t fit once I started the post yesterday, so I didn’t.

Patrick’s grandmother passed away the day after Mother’s Day, while he was in Albuquerque attending the graduation of the students he started learning PBL with three years ago. His dad picked him up from the airport and told him when they got home. Knowing this might happen, Patrick had already said he wanted to attend the memorial service.

So on Sunday, he went to Boston, and spent time with his family, cousins, near and far. I spent some time remembering Sheila as I hung out with the boys. I only met her three times, but it was quite an impression.

The first time was early in my relationship with Patrick. He said, “Nan will beat you at SCRABBLE.*” She did, and I don’t think it took much effort on her part.

The second time, Patrick and I stopped in Boston on our way to Maine. We never made it to Maine, so we ended up spending more time with Nan in Boston. She was funny and a good host. I liked her accent and how she always had a Boston sports team playing on the TV. She’d talk to them or us and say, “Now, what are you people up to today?”

The third time was last April, when Patrick and I took the boys to Boston for a conference. We went to visit her, and she was so interested in seeing the boys. She became very lucid and aware of the boys, even saying, “They remind me so much of Kevin and Bill at that age.” She rocked with them and sang them some Irish songs. I’m so glad they got to meet her, and she them.

Life is so rich and full. Patrick said he ordered baked scrod on his trip to remember and honor her. We all have our memories of different things. People leave their marks on you, and I’ll now play SCRABBLE in memory of Sheila…maybe it’ll help me win.

*I don’t know why people think that because I have a PhD in English, I’m good at SCRABBLE. I’m actually terrible at it. I’ve never been good at unscrambling letters–anagrams, word finds, etc. Crosswords, I like.


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