Marymount Homecoming

While P took Bonny and Scott to the airport, I took S & G to Marymount’s first ever homecoming. Now they don’t have a football team, so it was a lacrosse alumni game homecoming, but it was still fun. The English department had its own little event where all the kids played together. Seamus enjoyed playing with a 4 yr old boy, but he fell down the stairs while they were playing. (Only three steps.) It rattled him, but he did NOT cry because he didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of the bigger boy.

Just the other day, I was thinking that we had escaped the misery of the “terrible twos” but then came a week of Seamus melting down at perfectly reasonable requests and yelling at us. So maybe we’re just there now…Luckily, he balances these unrecognizable moments with really cute snuggling and funny conversation.

Gilbert goes in for some corn hole tailgating.

Also at homecoming, I took the boys to the tailgating–which was a buffet, mostly I fed them watermelon. There were supposedly kids’ activities and face painting, but I guess they weren’t doing that. Gilbert kept running over to the MU dancers and saying, “Hi!” He had good reward from that because they kept fawning over him! I met up with another new faculty member and his children, and the kids all commenced to paint a big cone. Gilbert wasn’t really into  painting–probably a good thing because he would have been a mess.

The dancers gave all the kids balloons afterward, and the people I was with had the sweetest little boy. A woman couldn’t get the strings untangled, so she had to let one set of balloons go, and the little boy, M, looked at them and asked if they had been somebody’s. His dad said no, but he needed to make sure they had been let go on purpose. What an empathetic child!



    1. Oh Erin, I can only wait. There’s so much with the must-be-independent vs. mama-mama-mama-refrain. And your post on birth order = no more for me!!! 🙂

  1. Seamus sounds great. All of this behavioral stuff is just him coming to terms with the world. We’re born self-centered, but we’re not the only ones here. Gilbert will do it, too. We all did at our own pace (or are still doing it).

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