Way Behind in My Work, Sheriff

That’s from the cartoon version of Robin Hood.

I haven’t been blogging this week not because there’s nothing going on or I haven’t had time; there’s actually a lot going on, but its mostly MOTS (More of the Same) and therefore not that interesting, and I’ve occasionally had time but chose to read or do something else. Also out internet has been really spotty lately (working for an hour and then being out for four hours, etc.), and we’ve had the repair people out twice but they have no clue. I feel a little bad for making fun of my parents’ slow dial-up internet because at least it works!

Seamus must be going through a growth spurt because he eats everything in front of him and then requests more. We’re going to have to start bringing a snack and water when we pick him up in the afternoons because he is going crazy with hunger at that time, yelling “Snack, Snack!” as soon as he gets in the car and continuing in that vein until he sits down for dinner.

Gilbert is the ticklish boy. Whenever we’re changing his clothes he giggles and giggles.

Most exciting developments, I’ve made my travel arrangements for MLA the first week of January and I’ve booked flights for us for Liz’s wedding in May. That’s all there is!


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  1. FYI, I’ve made plans for the MLA as well. Your excellent choice of hotels for your support entourage will benefit all. It’s nice and it’s well situated.
    I thought of it as odd that Seamus would request a banana just moments before boarding the shuttle to Nashville, as I thought it just the pretravel
    jitters. In the end, he really was hungry, again, 2 hours after his last meal.
    Can you publish Liz and Ramon’s website on your blog for others? I’ve lost the origin. Again, with the entourage thing. There’s a worthy article in the Courier-Journal today about the broken medical system, by a doctor
    who actually reads the New England Journal of Medicine. 1 out of 7 hospital visits in the US goes awry. Anybody feeling lucky? That was a stat just addressing in-hospital induced infections. Not even the myriad possibilities that exist daily from other mistakes. Go figure.

    I’m buying for my end of the year present, Jane Fonda’s workout tapes for folks over 70 (she’s 72). It’s a way to avoid hospitals. The local FS hospital is currently full of belly virus recipients. Does anybody, anywhere
    know of a flannel XL shirt that could have been regifted? How about parfaits? I’m looking into all this and making calls. Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean you’re NOT all out to get me.

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