Tempting Fate

I’m trying to tempt fate into having this baby. It’s not working, so I’ve also been trying to be really responsible in having this baby.

Tempting Fate:

  1. I’ve let my cell phone battery nearly die so that I won’t be able to call Patrick or any of you when this baby comes.
  2. Patrick’s first three days of school well within range of full term so that he might have to miss them.
  3. Up until last week, not having much space for the new baby to occupy. A Goodwill trip help remedy the situation.
  4. Absolutely refusing to pack a hospital bag.
  5. Being lax about telling our “back-up” people about Seamus’s routine.
  6. Making all kinds of plans to hang out, exercise, watch other people’s kids, go see a movie, etc.
  7. Buying an expensive herb a week and half before I’m thinking about using it.
  8. Wearing nice clothes out and about–and at home. (Come to think of it, this little gem tempts fate with regard to Seamus more than the new baby, probably.)

Going overboard with preparation:

  1. New Baby’s corner is ready!
  2. New Baby’s clothes and diapers are clean, folded, stocked and ready!
  3. Most major work on dissertation is done. I’ve started working on updating my CV, job letter, and writing sample. I’ve also made in roads on a few projects that aren’t even due until November or later. I am working, crossing things off the list, why isn’t he screwing that up?
  4. Foods are about to be stocked up. Right now our fridge still has lots of good stuff to eat, for us, for Seamus…Did I mention that Ben and Jerry’s ice creams are on sale at Smith’s? We have a bunch. Good for breast-feeding moms, because B & J know how to pack calories into a pint of ice cream.
  5. I even have some Murphy’s Stout and Guinness ready for drinking.

All the bases are covered. It’s the right balance between blase failure to prepare and Girl Scout levels of readiness.



  1. This is funny, but that baby will come when he is good and ready and not before. This one may be the one who just naturally is a procrastinator. But he’s not late yet, Maybe he is the one who always does just the right thing — arriving exactly on time and not one minute earlier or later.

  2. You are killing me. Thanks for supplying my morning chuckle. Now, go on a long walk without Patrick or the cell and take a strong intravenous dose of that expensive herb. That will surely test fate. Wait, scratch that! Don’t do anything stupid until late Sept. 5th. I just remembered what day I bet on.

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