Seamus’s Fourth Birthday

Seamus has his last party today at his Nana and PopPop’s house. It’s been all birthday all the time for the last week. I think he’s pretty well saturated. I still don’t do little kid parties. Although, I saw a kid semi-enjoy hers for the first time this weekend. Seamus was invited to a party… Continue reading Seamus’s Fourth Birthday


For Thanksgiving breakfast, we started out with carbs…biscuits. They were delicious. We had a conversation that tried to help the boys understand what the holiday we were experiencing was all about. (No, not the hat with feathers on it Seamus made in preschool. I don’t even know what to say about that.) We explained that… Continue reading Thankful

From Teeny to Not

It’s his birthday, and so here are some pictures: He had those weird red marks all over him, his fists were always closed, and he was so small! Now he does things like this! He still has weird marks, but they’re from doing stuff. And he wants to have a piece of everything–in this case… Continue reading From Teeny to Not

Things I Can’t Say

Last week, I taught My Year of Meats¬†by Ruth Ozeki to my Women and Cultural Violence class. It’s one of my favorites–funny, sad, irreverent, thought-provoking. In the novel, the front piece for each chapter is a list from The Pillow Book by Shonagon¬†written in the eleventh century Japan. These include: Disappointing Things, Things that Give… Continue reading Things I Can’t Say

We’re Back!

I didn’t mean to abandon the blog, but I had a sneaking suspicion that it might happen. My parents have dial-up internet and when we’re in DC, we just go go go. And in Philadelphia, the upscale hotels charge for internet access. And folks, we were upscale! Overall though, we did survive, had a great… Continue reading We’re Back!

He Crawls and Pulls-Up: We’ll be rearranging the furniture this weekend

In case you didn’t get it from the title, Seamus is entering new realms of mobility. He’s been crawling for a month, but now, he’s gotten much better, faster, and more determined–in that, a little think like a coffee table shouldn’t stand between him and my shoes (omg, he loves to chew on my shoes,… Continue reading He Crawls and Pulls-Up: We’ll be rearranging the furniture this weekend