Picnic–and Introducing the Third

Patrick surprised me today with the announcement on other social media sites–but it’s true, we’re having a third! And we couldn’t be more thrilled. Yesterday was a relief. Things had been a little scary in my world with my flu/bronchitis and then some vague and acute fears. So I had an ultrasound ordered for yesterday… Continue reading Picnic–and Introducing the Third

Innovative Pedagogy

Last Friday, Patrick and I went to see Dr. Kelly Schrum from George Mason’s Center for History and New Media speak about Digital Education and History. She showed us how she uses some tools by actually making us use them in her presentation. It was fun and I had a great day teaching yesterday. It… Continue reading Innovative Pedagogy


Seamus always wants to type his name on the keyboard of the iPad, so I am developing some theories about children of their generation and technology. What if writing by hand was just an afterthought? I just read my friend’s blog where her son had written her the funniest letter for back to school night.… Continue reading Breakfast

My Kindle

So after all that dithering, I did end up getting a Kindle. I like reading the downloadable samples of books. Mostly, it’s enough of the book to convince me that I don’t actually need to read the book. I like getting some books for free. I love being able to carry around a virtual library… Continue reading My Kindle

Facebook Friends or Not?

Others, columnists¬†and advice givers I respect, have weighed in on privacy, friendships with exs, and pictures of children, breastfeeding, etc. on Facebook. I haven’t seen much on people that we’re friends with but haven’t seen in 10 years and have no intention of seeing again. Should we be friends with these people? Recently one of… Continue reading Facebook Friends or Not?