Talking to Kids about Race

Parenting is full of the hard stuff. I’ve been niggling with this for a while, but it appeared to me last night that I really need to start consciously and clearly talking to the kids about race. We’ve talked about it a little before, noting that while some of our friends have different color skin,… Continue reading Talking to Kids about Race

Yellow Suns

Last week, I took the boys to Charlottesville, while I went to Polyface Farm. It was kind of a long car trip, and without another adult in the car, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I always think it’s fine to travel with them on an airplane because I’m not actually driving the device… Continue reading Yellow Suns

Groupon Guilt

I’ve been troubled lately. I’ve bought some Groupons recently, mostly for yoga classes, and now I’m starting to feel really guilty about it. When it was the local Bikram hot yoga studio, and I was going with my friend Liz, and I had a very tight budget, I didn’t feel that guilty–mostly because I didn’t… Continue reading Groupon Guilt

On My Street

I’m having a lot of trouble focusing on grading response papers after teaching my classes today, so I thought I’d let you in on a little blog post I’ve been working on in my head. On my street there are big houses and small houses, and thanks to my across the street neighbors, I’ve gotten… Continue reading On My Street