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About October 7, 2009

I have four! boys, born 2009, 2010 (16 months apart),  2014 (almost 4 years apart), and 2016 (19.5 months apart) . I finished my dissertation in 2011, moved across the country, started a job I love, and retained a house in a state I don’t live in anymore (we sold it in 2014, right after #3 was born, which is probably why we can’t remember his first two months). I’m struggling with balancing teaching, writing, being a mom and partner, and having some time to myself. I blog about these challenges. Take a look around.

Birth stories really interest me, so I wrote mine here:

Oldest boy, highly medicalized intervention birth. Pitocin, epidural, magnesium, antibiotics, but good outcome:

Next oldest, natural birth, wonderful, except for the aftermath:

Next oldest, breech baby, C-section. I had planned on a birth center, but had placenta previa early in the pregnancy which may have contributed to his being breech:

Youngest boy, in many ways a culmination of everything we’ve learned. VBAC in hospital, no epidural, but a little pitocin at the end:


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Elise Storr Says:

    Hi Leigh,
    It is so nice to read, what you have written about your stand on Bornholm. I understand that you are getting on well and four kids- well done.
    Lots of love Elise

  2. Elise Storr Says:

    Hi Leigh,
    I think, I not good enough imformed. Three kids?
    Love Elise

    • leighj Says:

      Dear Elise,

      Thanks for writing! It’s great to hear from you. I do have three boys. They keep us very busy, but they’re pretty funny. I just found my photos of Bornholm. What a wonderful memory. Do you recall where we went in Sweden? I don’t think I wrote it down.


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