This weekend was homecoming at my university, and I took Harlan and his buddy to be helpers. All the other kids had games, but then Gilbert’s got residual-rained out. Porter woke up Sunday with a bad sore throat, so he laid on the couch all day Sunday. Seamus, Gilbert, and Harlan went to the batting cages Sunday morning, which they thought was a lot of fun. Harlan tried the slow pitch softball cage, and he was making good contact with the ball. Seamus and Gilbert’s friends were there with us, and they were also hitting well. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and I enjoyed catching up with my friend.

So, all that was from last Monday, when I started to write, but then had to go to class. We had yet another weekend yesterday, and the day before. Who knew?? All their games ended in Ws Saturday, with Porter, Gilbert, and Seamus all coming in clutch for their teams at various moments. Porter with an RBI single with two outs in the last inning so their team could get on the board, and it started a rally that ended with a 5-4 victory. Gilbert with an RBI double and solid stint as catcher. Seamus, with a clean goalie meet-up on the biggest rivalry his team faced this season. Harlan, for the win of not whining all weekend as he shuttled between games, but he did make a point of telling everyone he saw about his arm hurting from the flu shot he’d gotten.

Speaking of shots, Seamus and Harlan had their well-child visits on Friday, and all was well, except when Harlan told the doctor that he’d definitely lost a tooth when Seamus punched him in the mouth. Seamus was sitting right there, ready to tell his side. I do like our doctor, who doesn’t get too worked up about anything. Gilbert and Porter have their appointments next week, and we’ll also get Harlan’s passport renewed, and then Covid boosters for the oldest four members of the family. It’s going to be a great day, that.

Yesterday, Patrick and I had a nice walk around town, and we ran into our friends, which was fun for the last bit of our walk. Then the kids came home, and we did playdates/birthday parties/errands/etc. It spit-misted rain all day yesterday, which was a surprise, but then meant we had a cozy evening of mashed potatoes, fried chicken tofu, broccoli, and a movie–The Water Man. No games tonight, and the kids were off school today. I’m at work, but I think Patrick took them to a pumpkin patch for some fall fun.


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