The Grind

I was going to write a happy and upbeat post about the kids going back to school, but it turns out they weren’t actually that excited about it. Everyone is fine, but transition from summer has made a lot of them kind of grumpy and needing more sleep. However, Gilbert finally switched from Spanish into ASL, which will probably be good for him as its more hands on, and Seamus is getting used to going to the high school for geometry, so he’s settling in more. We’re having a hard time getting Harlan to eat the lunch we pack because he’s only ever known free lunch, and it’s not free anymore…Porter is happy to be in a new school with his old friends, and he’s pretty much the only one who was happy all around with the return to routine.

With the start of school comes the start of their fall baseball and soccer. Porter is playing for the first time, and this has been nice for him and Gilbert to get some time together doing constructive things. Seamus has games and practices far away, so Gilbert and Porter will play catch in the yard. Harlan asks for a playdate everyday after school; he is so social! Unfortunately he doesn’t get home until 4:15, so it’s pretty late in the day to continue playing. We had four games this weekend, which felt like a marathon, but only because we’re out of practice! A nice treat was ticket to the Nats from my friend. We took a couple of the neighbor’s kids with us, and rode the Metro. Good times all around!

Seamus and Gilbert went indoor rock climbing on Sunday, and they may be hooked. Gilbert is willing to give up a season of basketball in hopes of getting to do more climbing. He also loved the bouldering, so I was impressed. That’s hard! We’re rolling along!


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