Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day is the most fun community holiday in our town. There’s a 3K fun run at 9:00, carnival festivities at the park, and a big parade at 2:00. Yesterday, we all wanted to go to the fun run, but Patrick had to get his pedicab for the parade, and Gilbert had committed to playing in a baseball tournament over the weekend. So, I headed off with Seamus, Porter, and Harlan. Seamus met up with some friends and met his time goal. Porter’s buddy and family joined us, and Harlan’s friend came with his mom and brand new baby sister. So impressed that she was out there!

Harlan got tired after a few blocks and declared it an un-fun run! He perked up though, when we went to Lincoln Park with the group, had some snacks, and enjoyed the rest of the (getting rather hot) morning. We finally heard that Seamus was with his friends and would meet us at the parade. Lunch at home, and we were ready to set up for the parade.

Patrick had agreed to drive the pedicab as part of the Library Foundation’s group. The Foundation marched, and Porter and Harlan rode in the pedicab and waved their signs to the crowd. Patrick was reading a book while driving! It was a fun sight, and definitely one of the best in the city line up. We found Seamus and his friends, Gilbert made it home from the game, and we all had enchiladas for dinner. I love how the day just plays out without the need for too much planning.


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